Asbestos Abatement

KM 106 employs experienced crews that will perform your project on time and within budget.

Lead abatement

Partial or total lead base paint removal services to meet the needs of your project

Other Services

Mold Remediation - PCB Ballasts - Mercury Light Tubes - Universal Waste

MBE/SLEB/SBE Certified Business

Please contact us for certification(s) details

We are:
• Micro Business Certified with DGS (State of California)
• Minority-Owned, Micro Local Business with the San Francisco Regional PUC
• Local Business Area with the Port of Oakland
• Minority Business with California Public Utilities Commission
• Very Small Local Business with the Alameda County Transportation Commission
• Small Local Emerging Business with Alameda County.


We serve:
The entire State of California


CSLB # 937674, B, ASB HAZ C22, C21
DOSH Cert. # 1019
EPA Lead Cert. # LBP-F221837-1